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Saturday, October 21, 2006

go....somewhere else.......

GO TO= . This is our new site for the average awesomy teen, so go add us to your frineds list and check it out!

Sunday, September 17, 2006

Hey, it's a meeting week!!!

So this week was GOING to be empty, with nothing to do. COULD WE STAND FOR THAT?

Uh, NO!!

So thanks to Manda, and us asking, of course, we now have stuff this week!!!

Tuesday, we'll be working on vamping up everyone's MySpace pages. So if you have a laptop, bring it, or else you'll have to wait for help.

Thursday we don't currently have an actual meeting planned, but we'll still get together. So Tuesday we'll talk about what we should do on Thursday.

See ya then!!! ~Kat

Monday, September 04, 2006

Cool website!

Hey, y'all! You guys (especially Amanda) should check out this website! It's pretty coo00OOl. ^_^

<3 Michelle


Stuffs this week are-

ANIME ADDICTS on Tuesday (tomorrow). AT FIVE PM. Aaaaaaand... I don't know what we're watching. But come anyways!

And! *drumroll*

DDR! On Thursday the 7th, AT FIVE (pm of course), we have the awesome game Dance Dance Revolution at the library. Come play, and bring your friends, so you can kick their butt at it!! *cheers in the silence* No? Okay. Well, just come, and have fun getting tired. And we'll have color this time, cause I'm gonna bring the connector for my PS2. Yay!

So come to the library this week!!!

... or else.


-Kitty Kat

Saturday, August 26, 2006

Notice to some of my friends (yes I am USING this blog for my own evil purposes)

IF, I repeat- IF anyone was planning on getting me something for my birthday (it's okay if you weren't, I'm just spreading the word, of course), and you don't know what to get me, all I want is gift cards to Barnes and Noble. Seriously. That is what would make me happiest. =) Thankies. P.S. I may not be coming to Purrlers- my mom is thinking she's getting out of the hospital on Tuesday, but I WILL be at TAC on Thursday! -Michelle

[edit, 8:09 pm]

I am rapidly becoming obsessed with some very cool Shojo Beat Mangas, and I was wondering if manga fell under the 'Anime Addicts' category... If it doesn't, there should totally be a club at Trails West devoted to manga. That may just be MY opinion, but I'm SURE Danielle and Celia would back me up on this (and Kevin, too, but he lives three hours away)- Jake, maybe, even. So can I, like, start a petition or something?? lol Please, Amanda go there if you haven't been already!

Thursday, August 24, 2006

I'm SO sorry

Sorry guys I was trying to spice up the blog and I kind of "hid" half of the blog. I'm working on it.

Sunday, August 20, 2006

no meetings...

Okay people, there are officially NO meetings this week. *heart attack* As such, I think that we should try and make our next meeting something extra special to make for our lack of fun-ness. If anyone else agrees, say "I" and we can figure out something to do. Personally, I think it'd be cool if we could all bring some kind of food to the meeting. Does that sound cool or competely lame?


Thursday, August 17, 2006

Destination Go Demos

On Friday, October 20 the alternative band Destination Go plans to upset your ordinary library setting with their immersive powerpop. Check 'em out on myspace at: Destination Go

In anticipation of this event, I have demos for the taking. So, look 'em up, and if you like 'em, comment this post. The first 5 comments receive a free demo which includes the following songs:
New Day; Canal Song; Drive All Night; Down; Flatliner; Out to Get You; Tell Me Yesterday

Don't forget: October 20 @7 pm,
Come for rock,
Come for good times,
if you're not there,
you're not at the library.