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Tuesday, December 13, 2005

Shiny Button HappyFunTime!

Shiny Button Bracelets (Elastic bracelets with shiny button decorations)
To make one at home, you will need:
Enough 1/2 inch wide elastic to go around your wrist and overlap about 1/2 an inch; a selection of mother of pearl buttons or any flat buttons in preferred colors; needle and thread; scissors; at least half an hour of free time
Be aware that this project uses sharp needles, and there is a possibility of poking your finger and drawing blood.

Thread the needle with about 2-3 feet of thread, and double it over before knotting the ends. Then overlap the ends of elastic and sew together, knotting when finished but not breaking thread. Begin to sew buttons onto elastic, taking needle up through one hole on button and down the other, repeating as much as needed. After adding 2-3 buttons, make knot inside bracelet , again not breaking thread. This is to prevent all your buttons coming off if the thread comes apart. Continue adding buttons until your bracelet is covered, then tie knot and cut thread. It may be necessary during sewing to tie off the thread and get more. Just rethread the needle and continue adding buttons.

Variations of project: Making a choker (using more elastic that can go around your neck); a belt (have enough elastic to go around your waist or hips, and don't sew the ends together, but add snaps or hook-and-eyes). Does anyone have any other ideas for this?


This was a pretty easy project, easy to understand and easy to do. I certainly had fun doing it, but what about you guys? Would we want to do this again, but with other button styles? Or maybe using a ribbon instead of elastic?



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