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Thursday, April 06, 2006

March TAC Meeting Notes

Alrighty. This is our first post for TAC notes. So, if you were lazy and misssed the March meeting, take a lookie at what was covered. If you're not a TAC member but are interested in becoming one, check out our notes to see what actually transcribes during a TAC meeting.

  • Everyone participated in audioblogging. However, we deleted all tracks due to long silences and/or cursing. At least we figured out how to audioblog.
  • Members signed up for leadership in programs. Results will be posted soon.
  • It was voted that the bulletin board will temporarily be used for promoting programs. This will mean that we'll use posterboard to promote our book displays.
  • We created a new book display for the month of April. It was titled "Addicts Annonymous" and if you can't figure out what type of books went with this theme, then you are a mutant. It was decided that the theme for next month would promote summer reading and focus on the subject concerning endangered animals or animal rescue books.
  • Some members created demos for our teen library zine project that will be displayed this summer.

Any questions? Did I leave something important out? Post it in the comments!


  • At 7:50 PM, Blogger Celia said…

    Looks good. At least, I can remember all these things happening. *smile* Oh, and I read the your previous comment on Anime. Yeah, let's talk about that. Oh, and I have a question about the cosplay stuff. My skirt is just barely past the length limit, but I'm gonna wear a pair of longer shorts under it. That okay? I changed my character cause of the pink, so now I'm doing the insane catgirl maid from UFO Valkyrie. *smiles again*


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