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Sunday, April 02, 2006

Harry and the Potters

Saturday, April 1, 2 pm.
@Central Library

Just yesterday, Kat and I were at the Harry and the Potters show in downtown KC at the Central Library. About 50 alternative rockers aged 12-15 occupied the front floor space with their rides (parents) sitting quietly in back, all patiently waiting for the band to finish their meal and get out on stage. Before the guys took the stage they opened up their merchandise booth and we saw people walking away with cds, t-shirts and toothbrushes. I have no idea why there were toothbrushes. The show opened with the band members, Harry Potter and Harry Potter, grabbing the mikes and wildly running through the crowd enthusing fans to get up and dance. So, the crowd danced. Because there were so many songs played, I only remember a few. (Kat you should blog about the songs and the crowd's reaction.) For the most part the songs lasted about 1.5 minutes. I've never heard this group before last Saturday and found the humor in their lyrics entertaining. Their performance was a bizarre spectacle and could be described as a mixture between a rock influenced Barney production and something resembling what you might see or hear at a Flaming Lips show. Though these two nuts were more entertaining than musically gifted, the crowd seemed to enjoy every bit of it.

The songs were mainly based off major events in the books, such as the first song, ''I Am A Wizard'', drawing from Harry getting his letter from Hogwarts. "The Bus Don't Go To Hogwarts" explained how you have to take the train instead. "Wizard Chess" described Harry's first Christmas at school, and playing chess with Ron before getting the Invisibility cloak and being invisible for Christmas. This was pretty much the case, going through each year of school and having songs for the crucial moments. "Oh my god, you look like a frog" was a line in a song about Umbridge, and another was about saving Ginny Weasley from Dean Thomas. Most songs evoked laughter from the audience, and regardless of the pair's mediocre singing, it was very cool. Also, some songs had some very awesome guitar rifts.


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