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Thursday, March 02, 2006

Tamora Pierce for Marvel?

Yessirree kiddos, Tamora Pierce is writing for Marvel. White Tiger will be the first of a 6 issue comic series which is scheduled to be released sometime this Nov/Dec '06. For more info about this Marvel character, check out the interview with Tamora on White Tiger.

What? Never heard of Tamora? Brief description: Tamora's stories are about heroines living in the Kingdom of Tortalll (fantasy realm). These medieval tales also have a romantic flair. Her books are available for checkout and/or request at your Trails West Branch Library. Click on the series below and use your library card to request these books today.

Protector of the Small Quintet
Song of the Lioness Quintet (highly recommended)
The Immortals Series
Trickster's Choice


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