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Monday, February 06, 2006

Anime Addicts

Tuesday, February 6 @5 pm

Hey guys. Tomorrow's showing includes:

  • Kaleido Star - 16 yr old Sora dreams of being a Kaleido Star, a performer for the circus. As she arrives in San Francisco, she meets the owner for the Kaleido stage who allows her to perform for the circus. But has she signed up for more drama than she can handle?

(Kat's comment- This was the best one we saw.)

  • Misaki Chronicles - From the Publisher: For a hapless young cadet, boot camp is no picnic, and Misaki is as hapless as they get. With the help of friends Luxandra, Kiri, and Suzanna, however, she advances in her training. Pretty normal, right? Wrong. Luxandra should be dead. Suzanna should be discharged. Misaki herself should have vanished in the exodus from the Watcher's Nest outpost. And the mysterious life form known as the Ghoul still keeps popping up. It's up to Lieutenant Commander Ertiana and the rest of the survivors from Watcher's Nest to find out why everything on Earth is back to normal, when everything else in the universe is anything but. Get ready for a high-octane, faster-than-light ride through space and time in Misaki Chronicles!

(AKA, large breasted girls doing exercises in small outfits. Very lame, but fun to make fun of.)


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