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Monday, June 20, 2005


Mirror, Mirror On the Wall
Who's honest of them all...
Chapters 7-20

Ok. Let's see how many circles we can make.
Drea likes the attention from both Chad and Brad. Brad heart Drea. Chad heart Stacey. Stacey heart Chad. PJ heart Amber. Amber flirts with Brad. Everyone wants someone to love but, because of various reasons, noone is "hooking up." There's alot of "high-school" drama in these chapters.

Why doesn't anyone say what they really feel?
Brad is honest to Stacey about his feelings. They kiss but he doesn't tell Drea. Stacey drools over Chad and denies her feelings toward him. Drea is using both guys to feel like the queen bee. Brad won't stand up for himself. Amber uses Brad against Drea.

So among the mighty gruesome group:
Choose a character you consider the least honest and explain why?
Choose a character you consider the most honest and explain why?


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