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Tuesday, June 07, 2005


What, 16? No freakin' way!
Chapters 1-3
I've read a few of Sleator's other books including The Boy Who Couldn't Die and The Last Universe. I was able to accept the characters in those story easily and I felt that Sleator effortlessly represented today's youth and culture. As for Interstellar Pig, I can't quite figure out this 16 yr old Barney narrator.

1) His thoughts and actions do not project a 16 yr old male. (Would you allow some strangers full admittance to ransack your place? You get pissed if your parents try.)

2) What 16 yr old male would choose reading over the beach? There are girls at the beach!

The author is clearly trying to tell us something about Barney. But what? Leave any comments on chapters 1-3 here.


  • At 2:04 PM, Blogger peterpotter999 said…

    I’m not sure if I would say he doesn’t project a 16 year male. He acted like a 16 year old in my eyes. But at the same time there was something weird about he and his family. I found it kind of against his character that he let them into his house, then let them snoop around (guess it could have been peer pressure or the girl). There behavior just doesn’t seem quite right to me.

    Regarding the beach.: Normally there would be enough people at the beach to feel comfortable, but it sounds to me like it was a private beach for the two rented vacation houses. So, there was only one very pretty girl their and three older guys to deal with. Plus since he and his family had not met them yet and they had just got there (likely tired), he might not want to intrude on them.

    If the author is trying to say something about Barney, I am not aware of it. I read the whole book and I never really quite understood the character.



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